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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Springtime & Yard Work

Hey everyone!  Let me start with: I LOVE living in North Carolina!  It's Springtime here (today we'll get up to at least 80 degrees) and I'm so excited to start working on our yard!  For the past 2 years during this timeframe, we've been taking care of newborns (Liam was born February 2010 and Jacob was born February 2011) so NOTHING was done outside for 2 years, except some mowing...and only when it really needed it.  And let me just can tell.  Weeds have taken over and choked out plants that I loved, grass has creeped over edging that used to define natural areas, landscape lights went a little's a mess.
(I found one of Liam's toys peeking out the window at the front yard-kinda cute)
So with this beautiful weather and 2 boys who love to play outside, we have a plan: get our yard back to where it was when we had the time to take care of it!  (Have I mentioned that I'm so excited?!)
This past weekend, we did a quick edging around our front natural area (and Jacob LOVED playing in the resulting dirt piles...I guess it's a boy thing.)  This weekend we'll rake out all the weeds and pine needles (from our MANY pine trees) and add in some mulch and maybe a hydrangea (or 2).
Since I had the Spring fever going, I went ahead and planted 3 succulents that had been hanging out in the containers I bought them in for a couple of months.  I'll keep these in pots on the front porch rails.  I know 2 of the plant's names: hens & chicks (bottom left), and drunkard's delight (on the right; because the plant looks like tiny beer bottles-too cool).  I like succulents a lot because they're so low maintenance, love the sunshine and forever green.  I threw some seashells into the pots as well, just cuz.  (I found the green ceramic pot on the right at Target for $2.50 in the dollar bins!)

So I'll keep you updated with my landscaping efforts!  I hope it's not nice and sunny and warm where you are, if you're in to that kinda thing.  Thanks for visiting!


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