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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Project Life: February 20-26, 2012

Hello everyone!  Let's jump right in!  This was a super-tough week; Jacob, my youngest baby boy, was diagnosed with RSV on Friday (2/24) and it was a rough spot for our family.  I'm happy to report he's 100% better, but a sick little boy puts a damper on getting a lot of things done, since all our your efforts are making sure he's comfortable and getting better.  Sooo, on to the pictures!

No inserts this week; just pictures and journaling.  I did my date on a PL card with my printer (I type the date in Word, print it on a regular piece of paper, then line it up with the space on the card by holding it up to a window...then I just add a bit of removable adhesive to the back of the card, and re-run the paper through the printer.)
Here's the left-hand side; a close up of the date card, a picture of our house covered in the only snow we'll probably see this Winter, my boys in the snow and their little lawnmowers (that I forgot to put in the carport before the snow...)  In the 3x4 spots, I included the receipt from Jacob's first haircut "Supercut Jr." (super-cute), a picture of Liam coloring in the kids' waiting room at the doctor's office for both boys' check-up appointments, and 2 journaling cards about their check-ups and our busy schedule on that Monday.
On the right-hand side, a lunch picture from Monday and (of course) a picture of the first haircut (it was NOT well-received by Jacob), and then pictures from the latter-half of the week, where we could tell Jacob was not feeling well.  I included his prescription inserts, and pictures of him resting, which is what he spent the most of his time doing.  Just getting better one day at a time.
That's it for this week; thanks for taking a look, and comment with any questions!


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