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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Layout: Trick or Treat 2011

The weather was so nice this weekend-which is a big deal in North Carolina (it's not unusual to be in the 90's going into October).  So I thought I'd celebrate by scrapping a Fall-time layout!  Halloween 2011 ya'll!  Be warned: my boys are absolutely adorable in the upcoming pictures...just fair warning.  :)

I've tried keeping up with all the brands I use while scrapbooking so I can write them up with my posts (see here and here and here) but truly, it's darn-near-impossible.  It's just not how I scrapbook; I use lots of bits and pieces from my stash-really whatever I think looks good together.  But if there's something you see, and you'd like to know where it came from, leave me a comment, and I'll do my best to find out!
AHH!!  I could just squish my little Jacob (bottom photo)  SO flippin' cute!  But here's the whole layout: I loved the green and purple background; I thought it was a nice alternative to all the orange that's usually on Halloween pages (not that I didn't make up for the orange later, but it's not so over-powering)

 Little spiders with googly eyes?  Can't go wrong.  I used black and white baker's twine for their strings instead of plain black-I thought it was a little more eclectic...kind of in that whole Halloween vibe.
LOVE the picture of Liam walking with his daddy up the street...I thought this side of the layout needed a little something to balance out the text on the right, so I punched a circle and used some Halloween-y words.  It brought the balance of text plus some more color.

So that's it; definitely getting into the Fall spirit!  Ready for s'mores (who am I kidding-I make those year-round), a nip in the air and jeans!  How about you?  Ready for the cooler weather and holidays on the horizon?


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