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Monday, September 10, 2012

Yay! for Friends (and Crafty-ness!)

Happy Monday everyone!  (I'm not really 'happy' for Monday but give me credit for trying to start off a Monday on a positive note...)

Anyhoo-a couple weekends ago I went to a glass fusion/inclusion/slumping class (all technical terms that I'm doing my best to remember from what our instructor said) with my bestie Amanda (check out the Teacher Appreciation 'Cake' we made here).  We bought seats in the class through Groupon and had a fanTAStic time!

Those are our shards of colored and clear glass in the bottom right-hand corner!
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So Amanda got her glass bowls back last week, and they look so awesome, I can't wait to get mine back!!!  Fingers crossed for this week!

I can't chose which is my favorite...I'm partial to greens, blues and purples, but I love the colorful confetti one...what do ya'll think?


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