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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Life: February 27-March 4, 2012

Hello everyone!  I hope you're day is going well!  Just a quick note: everyone has somebody in their life that's important to you; that you love and who is always there for you.  Whether it's a friend, husband (or wife), family member, co-worker, child...there's someone.  Take a few minutes out of your day to let them know how much they mean to you.  A call, text, e-mail, face-to-face; it doesn't have to be a grand gesture, but it's important.  Let them know you appreciate and love them.
That's that, now on to Project Life 2/27-3/4:
Here's the whole spread for this week, and I love all the color!  I did the date on my printer by running one of the date cards through.  The clear divider is left over from last year's PL (I started in May, so I have Jan.-April left to use this year)  There's also an insert for this week.
Here's the left-hand side: standard pictures and some journaling cards that describe how the weather is (finally) changing to Spring.  Since Jacob was at home this week recovering from pneumonia, my mom sent us 4 meals that just had to be heated and served.  SO nice not having to think about what to make!  I included one of the post-it notes she used with the heating instructions, because I like having her handwriting included.
 The right-hand side is more photos; one of my precious baby Jacob who smiles in his sleep!  We visited a grocery store on Saturday, just me and the boys, and Liam helped out by carrying some of the groceries in his cart.  Too precious!  I added an Instagram photo (sized to 2.5" square) to one of the journaling cards.  I can't say it enough: I Love Instagram!  There's also a photo of Liam with the new pillow and sham that I sewed and a tag that I cut and stapled right on to the picture (this is a great option when you run out of journaling space on the cards).  Also a picture of me and my husband at a bowling alley on Saturday with my boss, her husband, an intern and a family friend.  We were bowling to raise money for Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  Thank goodness the contributions and pledges are not conditional on a high (or even moderately-high) bowling score!

 The back and front of my insert.  These are 7.5"x7.5" Instagram photos of some of the flowers in our yard (Flowering Quinze and Carolina Jasmine)  I thought these were so pretty and colorful!
As with most of my inserts, I used a standard 8.5"x11" page protector and stitched the edge to fit the insert.  Then I trimmed the excess...I must say that my straight-line stitching is getting much better!

Thanks so much for visiting, and leave me a comment with any questions!


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