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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Project Life: December 12-18, 2011

Hello everyone!  Super quick Project Life post today; everything is getting so busy with Christmas just a few days away!  So here we go:
Here's the full spread; there's an insert this week, but it's a receipt that was included in a gift I had shipped to my work address, so it's super-secretive!  But it's a standard 8.5" x 11" insert.  I liked the message on the receipt, so that's why I decided to include it in this last week's PL.
Left-hand side: I included a foam Christmas tree craft that Liam did at daycare, a Google-d image of A Charlie Brown Christmas that we watched (I couldn't get a good picture of the TV screen).  And yes...there is a picture of me, firing a rifle...something that my husband thought it was important I learn...moving on.  :-)
Right-hand side: the stack of Christmas cards that made it out in a timely fashion this year, a 10 Month Old picture to celebrate Jacob's birthday, and some journaling about the teacher gifts I made this year (see the post here) and how Liam surprised me by counting up to 9 the other night. (!)

Have a great week everybody!  See you back here soon!

Project Life is a Becky Higgins' project for documenting your Everyday.  FInd out more information here.


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