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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Project Life: December 5-11, 2011

Hi All!  A bigger Project Life post than normal today, since there was so much going on last week.
Left hand side of this past week...I love when there's different things to include in the 3x4 spaces.  There's our family Christmas tree picture, some of Liam's artwork, some journaling about things the boys are doing and a picture of my little Jacob.  The 8.5x11 insert has my Christmas card order confirmation on this side and the e-mails about our family's Christmas party on the other.
Right hand side: still with some different inserts in those 3x4 openings.  The bottom left-hand picture (4x6) is a combination of Liam and Jacob's Santa visit.  I wanted to get them both in here, so I cropped both so they'd fit side-by-side on a 4x6 background.  The top left picture is the Kids' Table at the Christmas party we went to.  I blurred the kids' and mommies' faces for their privacy.  The Christmas party e-mail in the 8.5x11 insert is interesting because it outlines the menu, what everyone is bringing, and the accommodations that were being made for the 4 kids under 2 years old that were coming.  (4 kids under 2 was a lot, but this time next year, there will be 7 kids under 3!!)
My date card this week is a 4x6 Story Overlay from Ali Edwards, which can be found here.  I used this for this week since there was so much going on and not enough room to journal it all.  I opened this file in PhotoShop Elements, dragged it onto an 8.5x11 background, added a text block and printed it on card stock.
Here's a close-up of 2 of my 3x4 inserts: our receipt from our Bonefish Grill date night (!) and a picture of the Chocolate Creme Brulee we ordered for dessert.  (Oh my God it was delicious!)
Another 3x4 insert where I cropped a picture to 2x2 and put it on a journaling card so I could add some journaling.  Journaling space is really at a premium this week!
I had to add some of Liam's artwork, because it's just so precious!  I love Project Life for giving me a place to keep up with all the little things in life that would otherwise be put in drawers with the best of intentions to scrapbook it, and stories that might be forgotten if I waited for when there was time to add it to a scrapbook.  The story I want to remember about this artwork is journaled right next to it.  :-)

Project Life is a Becky Higgins' project for documenting your Everyday.  FInd out more information here.


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