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Friday, December 9, 2011

A Month of Christmas Crafts: Project 3-Tile Coasters

Today's craft is a tile coaster that's been embellished with scrapbook paper.  I used Christmas-themed paper again for this project; I think these would be so cute to set out for a Christmas party, or to give as a gift!  So on to the supplies:
Mod Podge, felt pads, foam brush, 4x4 tiles (I got these at Lowe's for about 30 cents/tile), scrapbook paper, paper trimmer and a corner rounder punch (the corner rounder punch is totally optional-you can leave the paper corners square if you like that look better)

Even though the tiles are marketed as 4x4, they're slightly smaller, and I ended up cutting my scrapbook paper squares to about 3.75"x3.75", as you want a little room on all of the sides when you put the paper on the tile.
I rounded the corners with a 1/4" corner rounder, because I thought that gave the papers a nice 'nested' look with the tiles' rounded corners.
Mod Podge the top of the tile.
Place your square of scrapbook paper on top of the tile, and cover it with Mod Podge as well.  Make sure to get the edges of the paper well, so they won't pop back up once they're being used as coasters.
Allow to dry.  The thicker you painted on the Mod Podge, the longer it will take to dry.  I applied mine pretty liberally and it took about 4 hours to dry.
After they've dried, apply your felts pads to the bottom corners.  You really need the pads, as the tiles have unfinished and rough surfaces on the backs that would scratch up a table.  (Remember to remove the barcode tag stickers!)  :-)
Once you're all finished, just wrap them up in a pretty ribbon for someone's Christmas present, or keep them for yourself!  I hope y'all give this a try...though I'm sure you won't have a helper as sweet as mine!  Bye for now; I'll be back soon with another craft!


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