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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Month of Christmas Crafts: Project 5-Handprint Ornament

My craft post for today comes from a picture I've seen a couple times floating around ornament with your child's handprint on it.

With 2 little boys (1 who will be celebrating his first Christmas this year) I thought this would be an especially sweet craft to put together.  I put both boys' handprints on either side of these ornaments.  I ended up making 2: 1 for our Christmas tree and 1 to give as a gift to one of my husband's aunts.
Now, for the supplies:
foam brushes, acrylic paint (I used red and green, but I found the red shows up better.  If I do this again, I may try blue and white), clear glass ornaments (this could totally be done with an opaque ornament as well), little kid hands, lots of baby wipes and patience!
The directions are pretty simple: paint your child's hand (I found that more paint is better than less paint)
Press their hand onto the ornament and let dry.  You can use the baby wipes to wipe off a bad impression if it smudges the first few times.  If that happens, just re-apply the paint to their hand and try again.  (Not like you'd need a reminder, but don't forget to wipe off little hands before you let them out of your sight!  All sorts of messiness could happen...)
After it dries, it's ready to hang on your tree (or wrap); I added some ribbon to mine for the hanger, and wrote in my kids' names and the year next to their handprint.  Liam's print is in red and Jacob's, on the other side of this ornament, is in green.  Since there are no pictures of me with Jacob, I'll confess and tell you I did his handprint while he was sleeping...I was super-stealthy about it.  I was IMPOSSIBLE to get him to cooperate while he was awake!

Anyhoo, I hope you give this a try, and join me later for a new Christmas craft project!


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