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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Project Life: January 1-8, 2012

Hello and welcome to the first Project Life post of 2012!  This week's post is from January 1-8, which is technically longer than a week, but I wanted all of 2012 together to start off with, so, on to some pictures!
First off: the whole spread.  (you may notice that my pages aren't in a's on it's way!  According to and UPS, it'll be here Friday (!!) and I'll put some information about what I look for in a great binder once I get some pictures of it )  I FINALLY got to break into my new 2012 Project Life box of goodies (more info. below) that I ordered from Amazon as soon as it was in stock.  Becky Higgins had been blogging updates for when her new line of Project Life products would be available, and once she said they were available, and mine arrived, it was so difficult not to start using everything right away!  I ordered the Core Kit: Cobalt line, which I think is more 'boy' themed.  I'm really loving the bright colors!!
Left side: I included a picture and an insert into the 3x4 sections; one thing I notice about the new PL journaling cards is they're a little taller than the 2011 cards.  I think if I had bought the newer PL sheets, they'd fit just fine, but I'm okay using up the sheets I have from last year.  (The sheets I use are Project Life: Design A, which are currently sold out, but you can find other design styles here)
Right side: more pictures and journaling.  I added a tag to the picture of my (exhausted) husband stealing a few minutes of sleep on the couch.  The tag was from a pair of Carter's p.j.'s that the boys got recently. I liked the color and font, and the fact that it was printed on a kraft-type paper.  LOVING the new journal card designs!!
Lastly, I did something new with my date card; I printed the date on the card.  (Print on regular paper, hold up the card to the window, and match it up against the printer paper).  I was going to use the date stamp I have from 2011's Project Life kit, but it looked like the scale was a little off-the stamp seemed to get swallowed up in all the space that the new cards have for the date.  I don't think I'll do this for every week this year, but I like the way it looks, and I'll just have to think of some new and creative ideas for 2012 dates!

Here's a look at the 2012 Project Life: Cobalt Core Kit (find it on here).  The boxes this year are really streamlined compared to last year, and they're packed with beautiful designs and all sorts of colorful, crafty goodness!
Best wishes for the new year!  Check back soon!

Project Life is a Becky Higgins' project for documenting your Everyday.  FInd out more information here.


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