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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Catch-Up on Project Life

Hey everyone!  Sorry it's been a ridiculously long time since I've blogged, but I've had bunches going on, and I finished right when the Olympics began (I'm a HUGE Olympics fan) and then I had a bunch of home DIY stuff (which I'm writing posts for now), I've just been super busy, but I'm back now!  AND I've even kept up with my Project Life!  Definite gold stars for me!  So I've put together a few pictures of the last few weeks, and I'll work on getting my current week and all my DIY projects posted soon!  Thanks for reading!

Here's the week that we took the boys to visit the Science Center in our area.  I included the map of the center as an 8.5x11 insert.

This is the weekend that we went to the beach with Robbie's family.  I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to include: my packing list (I'm slightly OCD and really enjoy making and crossing things off of a list)
For the date card, I used a photo of our suitcases almost packed, and just added the dates on top of the picture in PhotoShop.

Here's my super-detailed packing list; I put the list in an 8.5x11 page protector, stitched up the side and trimmed it.
This is a 6x12 insert that will hold 6 photos.  These were all beach-themed, so I put a little self-adhesive Avery tab on the edge that identifies the pictures.  I got this idea from Ali Edwards.

This shot is the back of my packing list; I included the Rx for my son's medication that we picked up after the trip as well as the family picture that was taken at the aquarium we visited.

This was the week I traveled to Massachusetts to help my mom get my grandmother's house ready for Closing.  We visited the cemetery where both of my grandparents are buried.  The insert is a cut down, stitched and trimmed 8.5x11 that holds 2 pictures from the visit, and text about the trip (below).  I chose to add this, because it was much more verbose than anything that would fit on the 3x4 journaling cards.  It was an emotionally tough trip, but I was glad I was able to go and help my mom.

And on to a happier note, this was Father's Day week, and I included the cards that the boys made for Robbie at daycare.  For these inserts, I used a 12x12 page protector, and stitched and trimmed, much the same as the 8.5x11 inserts.
Thanks a bunch for stopping by, and I have a lot of cool posts to come, so check back soon!


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